Behind the Scenes



This film project was a collaboration of the award-winning film, "Buck" and Western Hall of Fame artist, Tim Cox. The film illustrates the relationship between man and horse defined through art and film.

Fine art is in the eye of the beholder. Nowadays, the definition of fine art is constantly being revised and changed. Fine art used to be comprised of any art that became a refined example of the principles and elements of art. Compositions were originally realistic in nature and told a story. As new developments and creatively flooded the enterprise, new techniques and styles were developed. Fine Art soon lost the realistic sense of portraying reality and morphed into styles such as cubism and abstraction. But maintaining to that original definition of fine art, any type of art created with personal intent and identifiable meanings is fine art, regardless of its representational context.


Candra would like to thank the following producers and artists for their contributions to the project;

Buck the Movie            Western Artist - Tim Cox





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